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Why Choose ASSA ABLOY RITE Slide?

With industry leading brands providing high performing door opening solutions for over 60 years, ASSA ABLOY RITE Slide® offers a patent pending sliding door alternative with the level of expertise you are looking for in acoustical applications.


Hospital environments have special requirements where doors and hardware are concerned. Our goal is to make every doorway an opening to the delivery of healthcare. Ensure your patients enjoy a quiet, safe and secure stay with ASSA ABLOY RITE Slide.

Medical Exam Rooms
Patient Rooms

  • Ensure Privacy with third party certified STC34
  • Quiet Soft Open and Close Operation
  • ADA Compliant Hardware for Easy Access
  • Flexible Design Options For Style And Easy Maintenance


ASSA ABLOY RITE Slide simplifies doorway challenges in hospitality, with an integrated sliding door system that maximizes space with a modern elegance which will make your guests feel good and comfortable

Meeting Spaces
Guest Rooms

  • Sleek Aluminum and Warm Wood Doors
  • Decorative Hardware to Match Any Design
  • Sound and Light Seals, Automatic Door Bottoms Promotes Comfort and Privacy
  • Space Saving Design Facilitates Modular Design Trends in Hospitality


Delivering door opening solutions to customers in the office and corporate space is what ASSA ABLOY is known for. ASSA ABLOY RITE Slide satisfies your demand for convenience and ease of use for the employees who spend their days in the office.

Conference Rooms 

  • Easy and Quiet Operation
  • Ensures Privacy With Certified STC 34 System
  • Beautiful Style Engineered With Robust Hardware
  • Saves Space without Compromising Security

Contact us today for more information at rite.slide@assaabloy.com